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JDP Pharma Consulting, LLC provides product development consulting services to the pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. We have a combined work experience in the pharmaceutical industry of over 50 years across multiple pharmaceutical companies spanning the realm from biotech start-ups to large Pharma and covering all aspects of CMC product development and approval. We have taken products from concept to launch and are experienced in creating successful product development strategies. We have learned that efficient and effective product development needs to start with the end in mind in order for the right decisions to be made early on in the development cycle. 

JDP Pharma Consulting, LLC specializes in science-based CMC development strategies to enable an effective and efficient product development cycle from concept through registration. Our expertise includes multiple drug delivery technologies, specifically osmotic, ocular and pulmonary drug delivery. We provide expertise in technology development, product development, and regulatory strategies to optimize your product development program.  

Our Philosophy

Successful pharmaceutical product development requires a core team of scientists who are experts in their technical areas and have the ability to communicate effectively across the multiple disciplines required for product development.  At JDP Pharma Consulting LLC, we believe that in addition to strong technical and effective decision-making skills, the ability to "connect the dots" with the end goal in mind, is the key to the execution of a successful development program.  It is our mission to provide the highest quality consulting services to our clients in order to facilitate efficient, scientific and quality-driven pharmaceutical product development.

We look forward to working with you and your team to help “connect the dots” of product development.


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Drug Delivery and Technology Assessment

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Facts are a heap of bricks and timber. It is only a successful theory that can convert the heap into a stately mansion
— Isaac Asimov


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